Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Tech Tip Tuesday - Protecting Your Business from Ransomware - The Critical Aspect That Many Organizations Ignore!

 Are you doing everything right to protect your business from cyber threats? 

From implementing top-notch Endpoint Detection to monitoring your systems with a security operations center, you've covered all the bases. Or so you thought.

The truth is, many organizations fall victim to ransomware because they neglect a CRITICAL aspect of cybersecurity: physical security. While they do a great job protecting computer and notebook devices, they fail to secure their server and network rooms, often shared with other resources.

But why does physical security matter when it comes to ransomware? The answer is simple: someone can simply walk into your office, plug in a USB or network device, and infect your servers or network resources. They might impersonate a maintenance crew member, gaining access without anyone suspecting a thing.

That's why a comprehensive security plan is a must. It should not only address cyber threats but also physical security. Here are the 5 critical elements your physical security program should include:

Proper guest and visitor program: Log and monitor all guests and visitors, and if possible, supervise them while on your premises.

Reliable Gatekeepers: Have skilled personnel standing guard to prevent unwanted visitors from accessing secure areas and disturbing key employees and decision makers.

Secure server and network environments: Keep your equipment in a dedicated, locked, and monitored location whenever possible. Use secure doors and access cards to control access.

Limited access to secure locations: Make your secure areas hard to find and restrict entry to a select few. Continuously monitor these areas and have multiple layers of security.

Protect against tampering: Just like with end point devices, prevent USB devices from auto executing. Disable unused network ports and limit communication to necessary devices only.

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