Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Create a smarter farm powered by sustainable energy and artificial intelligence. Learn more about Microsoft Azure AI.

When it comes to digital transformation, becoming more efficient has always been a top priority, especially with regard to natural resources. Here, smart farming has allowed the industry to evolve in an exponentially more sustainable way while also delivering innovative solutions to issues such as population growth, climate change, and livestock nurturing. Subscribe now to get the latest news on how you can start creating a smarter farm, fueled by sustainable energy sources and powered by the intelligence of Microsoft Azure AI.

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Simplify and fortify with Microsoft Security solutions, wherever you work. For more insights, news, and features, subscribe to our channels now.

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St. Luke's University Health Network secures digital health transformation with Microsoft 365

St. Luke's University Health Network (SLUHN) looks to the cloud to define a new way of providing health services of its ten hospitals and 300 sites across ten counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This video outlines how the health network embarked on a digital health transformation journey using the Microsoft 365 productivity cloud to empower more than 15,000 employees. The intuitive tools protect sensitive information in cloud applications, simplifying security with interoperable solutions to save time while enhancing the hospital network's security posture. In turn, this optimizes health team collaboration and improves patient experience.


Monday, October 25, 2021

Meet Microsoft Surface Pro 7+. It's all about adaptability.

You're all too familiar with overseeing projects while on-the-go, and pivoting plans at a moment's notice. But do you know there's a device that seamlessly changes with the workplace?  With Microsoft Surface Pro 7+, you get: • Faster than before. Now with optional LTE Advanced1, you can keep connected better than ever. • Amazing versatility. The 2-in-1 form factor adapts to the way you work. • Seamless integration. Get enterprise-grade manageability with rapid, remote deployment and premium support. I truly believe Microsoft Surface Pro 7+ can be a major asset to you and your team. If you believe the same, let's set up some time to talk more about what this amazing device can do.  bryan@fidelitech.net 8019189421 1 Service availability and performance subject to service provider's network. Contact your service provider for details, compatibility, pricing, SIM card, and activation.

SunCulture: Helping to weather the dry seasons

Sometimes, having access to the right data at the right time can enable life-saving decisions. If you don't believe so, just ask Monica, a Kenyan farmer who has to leverage water from a well in her back yard to irrigate her crops as well as provide her family with drinkable water. Due to climate change, rainy seasons have become more and more scarce, forcing her to carefully manage her water output depending on the weather patterns in her region. Watch this video to learn how solar-powered digital transformation and Microsoft Azure are empowering farmers like Monica with easily accessible, accurate data that allows them to effectively predict rainfall, control their irrigation systems, and increase yields.

Navigate data protection and risk in the cloud era

Microsoft invests in compliance and risk management to help your customers more easily protect and govern their data, address regulations and standards, and mitigate insider risks. The how-to guidance article announces new capabilities in Microsoft 365 that use machine learning and intelligence to help your customers address compliance and risk management in their organizations.


Tuesday, October 19, 2021

When it comes to artificial intelligence, throw away that tired old tech rulebook

Emerging technologies always demand new approaches to risks and opportunities. They often force us to rethink and modify our existing methodologies in favor of more integrated and interconnected processes. In this regard, artificial intelligence is definitely no exception. However, there's still a lot of mysticism around what implications AI might have for today's businesses and what measures organizations must take to ensure the successful execution of their AI initiatives. In this article, you'll learn about four ways in which ways AI is poised to turn the enterprise landscape on its head and how your business can better prepare for its ventures into artificial intelligence.


The new Anywhere Office

Employees may work from a different location every day - from the office, to home, to a customer site, or in the field. Help them work from anywhere with devices they love while reducing complexity for IT. Support your teams and simplify IT while they use the devices they love in the new Anywhere Office. Learn how Microsoft Surface devices enable your Anywhere Office with our new guide. Read the new Anywhere Office benefits guide.

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Microsoft Surface enables teamwork anywhere

Remote work is no longer just for frontline workers or a rare work-from-home day. In this new reality, office employees and organizations are adapting to remote work—and the workplace is being redefined. Our reliance on technology has intensified, and the progression toward digital transformation continues to accelerate to meet the needs of this new work environment. Contact us to learn how Microsoft Surface can help enable your teams, wherever they are. bryan@fidelitech.net 8019189421

Monday, October 18, 2021

3 reasons to invest in Microsoft Azure AI

Digital transformation enabled businesses to obtain data from places they never thought possible and to monitor every aspect of customer interactions to gain a holistic view of their customers. Companies soon realized, though, that an overabundance of unstructured data was not only wasteful, but could also become counter-productive, and that some automation was needed to identify the data that could be acted upon to generate real value. However, as the influx of data grew more and more massive, it became clear that more advanced methods of automation were needed to keep up with the scale of commercial IoT and digital operations. Enter artificial intelligence. In this infographic, you'll learn why capitalizing on AI has become crucial for today's leading enterprises, and how investing in Microsoft Azure AI can help you create a smarter, faster-growing business.

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Security Fortify infographic

Maximize threat detection during attack stages with Microsoft's comprehensive suite of security solutions. Unmatched volumes of data inform Microsoft security solutions. Learn how you can harness decades of security experience with Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection.

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Harness the power of affordable, clean, and sustainable energy. Learn more about Microsoft Azure.

Digital hasn't only made things more comfortable for us, it's also made them better for those without access to basic health or basic services around the world. One example of this is, by creating an interconnected world, we gain a better understanding of how technology can be used to control our natural resources more efficiently and accessibly. While these use cases may be employed in the First World to make existing services self-sustainable and cleaner, in more remote parts of the globe they can be used to create new services that make life better for everyone. Subscribe now to learn more about how you can utilize Microsoft Azure to make your clean energy solutions a reality.

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Hybrid Environments

Secure hybrid environments for the lowest TCO with an integrated solution. Learn more about simplifying and fortifying with Microsoft security. Subscribe here!

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Open up to new mobile potential

Everything changed when we shifted to the hybrid workplace. Now we're changing everything again—for the better. Open up the amazing Microsoft Surface Duo 2 to take the limits off your teams' potential. So much more than a phone, it makes multitasking as natural as a swipe. Now remote collaborating and accessing data, apps, and everything is 5G-fast.1 Imagine how your workplace world can expand with the category-defying new Surface Duo 2. Expand your views on mobile productivity • See apps side-by-side with twice the screen space—no more toggling back and forth. • Make your pocket device a collaboration powerhouse when you can take notes during video presentations. •Stay in the flow when you can slide images and text files effortlessly in supported apps. • Make productivity personal by choosing which pairs of apps you can open with a single tap. • Start with a single touch of the integrated power button and fingerprint reader. • Do it all at 5g speed on the best device for Microsoft Teams mobile. The Surface Duo 2 is designed to inspire your employees—and to protect your data with built-in chip-to-cloud enterprise level security. Its double hyper-thin, super-brilliant, high-resolution touch screens open up for a big, 8.3" view that puts more of what you need to see onscreen. Watch as a whole new kind of productivity opens up with the revolutionary Surface Duo 2. Contact us to learn more about Microsoft Surface Duo 2. Fidelitech Solutions Inc. https://stuf.in/b7kjasArray bryan@fidelitech.net 8019189421 1 5G not available in all areas; compatibility and performance depend on carrier network, plan, and other factors. See carrier for details and pricing.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

A win-win device for your frontline workers

When your frontline workers interact with customers, they are your representatives. By empowering them with better connections and more capabilities in more places, you're driving business performance as well as employee satisfaction. That's a real win-win. Enter Microsoft Surface Go 3, the lightweight device with the power and flexibility to tackle tasks from anywhere. Take a look at all the ways Surface Go 3 moves your front line and your bottom line. • Put frontline workers out ahead with a light, 1.2 lb* device that's the most portable Surface ever. • Make power an easy lift with the 10th Gen Intel® Core® i3 processor inside the Surface Go 3. • Access essential Microsoft 365 apps like Microsoft Teams and Outlook with LTE connectivity anytime, anywhere. • Flex to diverse customer needs by instantly clicking the Surface Go 3 adapts from tablet to laptop to studio mode. • Make every interaction look and sound great with HD camera and Dolby® Audio™. As frontline workers move into hybrid work, keep them moving ahead with the lightweight, powerful, and versatile Surface Go 3. It empowers them with the mobility and security they need to be better representatives, innovators, and on-the-ground achievers. Contact us to learn more about Microsoft Surface Go 3. Fidelitech Solutions Inc. https://stuf.in/b7kgt0Array bryan@fidelitech.net 8019189421 * Excluding Type Cover

 Red Hat OpenShift Ecosystem

Why should you deploy traditional and cloud-native applications on the Red Hat OpenShift container and Kubernetes platform? This video makes the answer crystal clear. Watch it to see how Red Hat OpenShift leads the way to a simpler, more consistent, Kubernetes-powered hybrid cloud application platform.


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Seize the power to multitask anywhere

A surprising fact has come out of last year's sudden move to hybrid work. Teams are getting more done when they are less tied to a single place. They know what they need from their devices to get it done: power, flexibility, and connection. In short, the everyplace workplace demands the Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio—the most powerful Surface Laptop ever. It delivers unprecedented performance in a 14.4" screen that brings the power of a desktop to the infinite flexibility of a Surface, while covering every angle in between. Meet the new Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio • Make light work of the most intensive tasks with the 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H Series processors inside the Surface Laptop . • Multitask at will when you have up to 32 GB of RAM and up to 2 TB of removable SSD memory.1 • Don't wait for the apps with Instant On and password-free Windows Hello. • Seamlessly transform to any task with the Dynamic Woven Hinge. • Draw and write just like on paper with our best digital pen, the Microsoft Surface Slim Pen 2.2 • Choose how you take on the hybrid future with either the current Windows 10 or the new Windows 11 operating system. Surface Laptop Studio is a fast route to transform your hybrid workplace. Fast deployment and built-in security make it a great investment. Give your teams the power they need to get it done their way. Contact us to learn more about Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio. Fidelitech Solutions Inc. https://stuf.in/b7kaz6Array bryan@fidelitech.net 8019189421 1 This device does not contain user serviceable parts. Hard drive is only removable by skilled technician following Microsoft provided instructions. 2 Microsoft Surface Slim Pen 2 sold separately.

Cloud-Native Meets Hybrid Cloud: A Strategy Guide

This guide is a helpful primer for enterprise architects and IT leaders tasked with mapping out approaches to tackling modern IT strategies. Brought to you by Fidelitech Solutions Inc., it focuses on the convergence of three trends: • The link between IT systems and organizational success • IT shifts driven by hybrid cloud • Combining cloud-native application development technologies with existing approaches to maximize IT productivity and functionality

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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Step up to the next phase of hybrid work

The hybrid workplace has been here for long enough that employees are already figuring out what they need to get the work done wherever they are. Many employees love the freedom the hybrid workplace gives them—if they have the right devices. The all-new Microsoft Surface Pro 8, the most powerful Surface Pro ever, provides the power and flexibility the new era demands. With the power of a desktop along with the flexibility of a laptop, it delivers unprecedented performance in a 13" screen. Take a look at the all-new Surface Pro 8 • Flex to every situation by clicking instantly from laptop, to desktop, to portable digital canvas with the Surface Kickstand. • Bring big computing power wherever you go with Surface Pro 8 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors. • Experience typing that's a pleasure on the Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Keyboard with mechanical keys and a large glass trackpad.1 • Collaborate seamlessly no matter where your teams roam on fast, stable Wi-Fi 6 and optional LTE Advanced2 make collaboration easy. • Make a great impression even when you're not there with Surface Pro 8's built-in 5.0 MP 1080p front-facing camera. • Choose how you take on the hybrid future with either the current Windows 10 or the new Windows 11 operating system. Win the next phase of hybrid work with Surface Pro 8 at your side. It's the single, multitasking device that provides the chip-to-cloud security and compliance to meet and over-deliver on your potential. Contact us to find out what Microsoft Surface Pro 8 can do for you. Fidelitech Solutions Inc. https://stuf.in/b7jzstArray bryan@fidelitech.net 8019189421 1 Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Keyboard sold separately. 2 Surface Pro 8 with LTE Advanced is coming in 2022. Visit Surface.com for updates on availability in your market. Availability may vary by market and configuration. Service availability and performance subject to service provider's network. Contact your service provider for details, compatibility, pricing, SIM card, and activation. See all specs and frequencies at surface.com.

Leveraging Your Microsoft Assets in this Remote Access World

More of the workforce is working remotely than ever before. Organizations are adapting and implementing new remote access solutions. Now is the time to evaluate the Microsoft tools you already have at your fingertips and leverage the built-in remote work security features and capabilities. Read more in this article from National Law Review.


Redefining how you work and do business

Since the beginning, Surface has been known for versatile designs that enable people to work and create in new ways, with devices that fit seamlessly into the flow of your day. What started as the tablet that can replace your laptop, has grown into a portfolio of devices that meet a variety of work styles and needs. Where you and your employees work today may be different, but your need for power, performance, reliability, and versatility in your devices hasn't changed. The Surface portfolio is designed for the future of work by supporting flexible work environments and diverse roles within any organization. From 2-in-1 devices that enable greater mobility with 4G LTE, to powerful laptops for intensive tasks, Surface is designed to support work from anywhere. The Surface lineup makes sure your employees have the devices they need and the security you depend on. Learn how Microsoft Surface and Fidelitech Solutions Inc. can you help navigate how you work in these unprecedented times of change. Contact us. bryan@fidelitech.net  8019189421 

Define what's next eBook

The shift to hybrid work has introduced greater endpoint risks increasing the need for a more comprehensive security strategy. This eBook explores ways to strengthen security at the device level. Get practical advice and best practices for: - Mitigating risks with hardware enabled security - Understanding the value of TPM and UEFI - Preventing infection before the OS boots - Strengthening access control with biometrics and authentication - Automating remote deployment and device management Learn three pillars of modern endpoint security that cover the entire device lifecycle. Sign up for your eBook.

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What's new in the Surface for Business portfolio

The new Microsoft Surface portfolio boosts productivity with high-performance chip sets, multi-touch screens, inking and crystal-clear audio and video. Increase employee performance, freedom, and satisfaction with these new and innovative devices. So let's dive in. • Connect to a deeper level of collaboration from anywhere with hardware and software that's specifically designed to bring people together. • Free your IT team for real innovation and reduce IT complexity and re-imaging by shipping and deploying straight to users with Windows Autopilot zero-touch deployment experience. • Rely on powerful, unified protection to work securely work anywhere with Microsoft one-click device management, and protection. Surface with Microsoft 365 offers chip-to-cloud security no matter where your people find themselves. • Take your pick of operating systems on the new Surface for Business portfolio. Now you can choose either the current Windows 10 or new Windows 11 operating systems. Contact us to learn what's news and amazing with Surface. You'll discover Surface devices that go beyond the daily task to fill a role in your vision for the hybrid future. Fidelitech Solutions Inc. https://stuf.in/b7jc8sArray bryan@fidelitech.net 8019189421

Monday, October 11, 2021

SunCulture success story: Remove labor to let water flow

"Work smarter, not harder" has become the motto of the digital age. Yet in some parts of the world where modern technology is not accessible, hard, manual labor is the only choice people have to get things done. For example, in parts of Africa where running water is not available, farmers like Monica must manually extract water from a well and distribute it amongst her family, crops, and animals. This isn't just exhausting but also extremely inefficient, and can lead to small yields for such an extensive level of effort. To make matters worse, seasonal changes greatly impact the amount of water available, making life for people like Monica that much harder. So, how can you leverage the power of modern technology to help these farmers produce more food and secure a better future? Watch this video to learn how SunCulture is using solar energy to bring hope and prosperity to Monica and more farmers like her in Kenya.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Security Power

Securing your systems with a data driven, human guided security approach allows you to detect and respond to attacks more quickly and accurately. This infographic outlines how the global network of real time threat intelligence from Microsoft continues to evolve, anticipate, and stay ahead of risks.

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3 fundamentals for a successful hybrid cloud

Learn how to manage infrastructure more easily, innovate faster, and improve security using the hybrid cloud. Read this one-pager to get guidance on using three fundamentals to create your hybrid cloud strategy: networking, identity and access management, and security.

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BP deploys Microsoft 365 to improve user experience and security

Every day, BP manages the difficult business of finding, producing, marketing, and moving energy around the globe. Core to success is the modernization and digitization of the business, while being able to defend a vast digital perimeter against cyberattacks. This video shows how BP is migrating its work environment to Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 to take advantage of a platform approach.


Monday, October 4, 2021

Alaska Airlines makes shopping easier with faster flow of new e-commerce features

A great online shopping experience begins with great software. That's why Alaska Airlines uses Microsoft Azure and Windows Server Containers to launch new e-commerce features faster. Travelers get new offers sooner, which translates to happier customers and increased revenues. By running its e-commerce engine in Azure in hybrid fashion, Alaska can scale more easily and ensure its sites run at the optimum point of performance and cost.

Does Your Company Culture Lead to Happy Customers?

The correlation between employee experience and customer experience is clear: if the employee experience is mediocre or poor, employees will generally not care much about the company or the customers, states Phil Geldart in his Entrepreneur article, "Does Your Company Culture Lead to Happy Customers?" On the other hand, IBM found that if "employee experience is positive, and people feel valued and happy, they will care much more about the customer experience and be proud to work for the company," writes Geldart. Contributing factors for employee experience include physical environment, technological tools, and the organization's culture. Geldart shares that leaders have a responsibility to mirror how they expect their employees to treat customers. For example, if the "culture is one where employees embrace behaviors such as trust, collaboration, communication, respect, transparency and inclusion, they will, in turn, treat your customers in the same manner as they treat their colleagues," writes Geldart. Read the entire article for more examples of areas that greatly impact employee experience.