Tuesday, April 30, 2019

How to fight back if you've been hacked

There is more than one stage in a cyberattack. Utilize this resource to learn how to protect yourself at each level and how to identify if you have been hacked.

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School District of Janesville

Janesville School District needed to streamline their IT operations and backup with a fast, simple and efficient hyperconverged platform. Watch this video to see why it chose HPE SimpliVity.

Customer Story: SitePro - part 6

Take a closer look at the ways in which SitePro is able to save their customers valuable time by transporting data almost instantly over the cloud.

Unlocking Data's Full Potential with Intelligent Storage

Storage needs to be more than where data lives; it needs to have the intelligence to unlock data's full potential. In this ChalkTalk video, viewers learn about the value of intelligent storage and what HPE is doing to deliver it.

Customer story: Medical Teams International (MTI) transforms health care for more than 1 million refugees in Uganda

Medical Teams International, a nonprofit provider of health care and humanitarian aid, partnered with Microsoft to transform medical care for more than 1 million South Sudanese refugees and Ugandan citizens. To streamline the process, they used apps and infrastructure in the cloud. MTI can now access data anywhere and get real-time analysis to help identify life-saving trends. At Fidelitech, we can work with you to get the right infrastructure in place to help your business succeed. Contact us today to learn more.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Customer story: TGI Fridays migrates key business processes to Microsoft Dynamics 365

For TGI Fridays to accomplish their ambitious expansion plan, they needed a platform that could provide efficiencies and access to information that would allow for growth. Check out this video to learn how they're using Dynamics 365 to accomplish this at both the corporate and restaurant levels.

Customer story: Razer plays to win, gains advantage in global gaming industry with Microsoft 365

Having a singular platform for collaboration and teamwork means that the IT department at gaming-laptop company, Razer, can empower their people. Razer wants their employees to do their very best work at a very high standard, and that means they need to communicate and share files easily. At Fidelitech, we know how to help you plan and adopt the collaboration tools you need to modernize your workplace and achieve more with teamwork. Contact us today to learn more.

Friday, April 26, 2019

The Rapid Evolution of the Digital Workplace

In the modern workplace, true collaboration can be a complex endeavor. This article explores the latest collaboration technology as well as how employee sentiment and leadership behavior can help or hinder synergy. Read the article to discover how you can help capitalize on digital transformation to help drive teamwork, then contact Fidelitech so we can help you get the right tools in place in with Microsoft Office 365.


Human and Machine Collaboration in the Enterprise - Focus on the Output, Not the Technology

Machines can play any number of roles in business, from assistant to data manager to advisor, and more. In this article, you'll learn how identifying the right roles for people and technology allows you to more easily unlock the capabilities of both, ultimately creating better, more innovative experiences for your workforce and customers. Read the article, then contact Fidelitech so we can help you leverage Microsoft Office 365 to help get your employees and technology collaborating.


4 Tips for Making Data Cleanup Easier and More Efficient

How do you decide which data gets saved or gets dumped? In this article, learn how data analytics can help make cleanup more efficient, as well as best practices to ensure the data you're storing helps propel operations that align with your mission and customers. Let Fidelitech help you leverage Microsoft Azure data analytics to enhance multiple facets across your business.


Thursday, April 25, 2019

The feds and the states are embracing privacy law - what that means to your business

A look into what changes businesses may be experiencing in the realm of customer data use and privacy compliance requirements, and how to effectively weather these changes.


The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Office 365 Small and Midsize Business

Forrester Consulting conducted a study to determine the ROI of deploying Microsoft Office 365, and the results may surprise you. The study determined that businesses could see an ROI of 154%, payback time of 5.1 months, and a net present value of over $100,000. That's a lot of savings. Contact Fidelitech to see how we can help you integrate and save with Office 365.

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Rainbow Six Siege Uses Azure to Deliver Immersive Multiplayer Games Globally

When world-renown gaming company Ubisoft needed a high-powered platform with limitless scalability to run Rainbow Six Siege, it turned to Microsoft Azure. Watch the video to see how Azure cloud services and analytics make it easy for developers to continuously optimize the game in real time with cloud-caliber resources--delivering a heart-pumping experience for millions of gamers around the globe. Then let Fidelitech help you leverage Azure analytics and cloud services to optimize operations across your business so you can focus on delivering great customer experiences.

Surface Empowers Advanced Neurotechnology Solution

Zengar Institute Inc. is on a mission to relieve human suffering. After delivering NeurOptimal, an advanced brain-training product, to customers on desktop and laptop computers, they wanted to provide a better, more portable offering for people. Watch the video to see how Microsoft, and its partner CDW, helped Zengar distribute NeurOptmal on the Surface Pro to optimize their customer experience and advance their company mission to relive suffering. Contact Fidelitech to learn how you can use Microsoft Office 365 to further your business.

Office 365 ENGAGE Series featuring The Walsh Group - Episode 2: What we did

The 606 Project in Chicago is a massive project involving complex plans and dozens of engineers, project managers, and construction workers. This video shows how teams at The Walsh Group used Microsoft Office 365 to stay constantly connected from anywhere, on any device, and share up-to-date plans seamlessly with SharePoint. Let Fidelitech help you discover how Office 365 can drive collaboration within your organization, regardless of your industry.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The best performing firms see a 21% increase in profit in departments with the most engaged workers. Boost teamwork with @Office365.

This infographic shows how four key pieces influence employees to create more and stronger work, stay with their organization longer, and win the best customers for the future.


Customer Story: Qantas Airways Limited

Watch Qantas Airways tackle the challenge of keeping employees connected and focused on a common goal, even while scattered across the globe, by utilizing the cloud-based Microsoft 365.


SQL Server and Azure SQL Database GDPR Guidance

The task of GDPR compliance can be overwhelming for businesses but it doesn't have to be. This guide is intended to help businesses better understand what GDPR entails and begin the process of adapting their current security measures to meet the new requirements. Luckily for small and large businesses alike, Microsoft has done a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to preparing the infrastructure for successful compliance.

View: SQL Server and Azure SQL Database GDPR Guidance

Forrester Total Economic Impact Report: TEI Study GreenLake

HPE commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI) study that examines the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises can realize with HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity. The report provides a framework for evaluation while quantifying the potential financial impact of benefits and savings gained.

View: Forrester Total Economic Impact Report: TEI Study GreenLake

Growing SQL Server: Features from 2008 to 2017

As the end of service approaches for SQL Server 2008, let's take a moment to reflect on where we have been and the exciting new innovations available with SQL Server 2017.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

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With the advances in digital business applications, isn't it time to rethink how you integrate your applications into your IT infrastructure? From scale and agility to all-new capabilities, the cloud can help you move and grow quickly. We can help you take advantage of the cloud opportunity. To receive updates from Fidelitech and to learn more about Apps and Infrastructure, subscribe now!

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Aston Martin Red Bull Racing is Even Faster with HPE SimpliVity

The Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team replaced its legacy systems with an HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure and recorded remarkable results. In this video, Red Bull Racing shares highlights of its experience with HPE SimpliVity and how it drives outcomes including faster performance, increased agility and lower TCO.

Customer Story: SitePro - part 5

SitePro is pushing the boundaries of what's possible for their oil and gas customers. To do this, they needed to be as agile and as informed as possible. They moved to Azure to enjoy the freedom and possibilities of the cloud.

Accelerating Digital Transformation with GreenLake Flex Capacity

This eBook shows how HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity solutions help companies reduce risk, increase control and lower TCO.

View: Accelerating Digital Transformation with GreenLake Flex Capacity

Customer story: How migrating to Azure is modernizing JB Hunt

With more than 2,100 applications, trucking company JB Hunt needed to simplify their data operations onto one platform. They didn't want to restructure all their applications, so they found a platform that could seamlessly integrate with their existing apps. Azure made moving their on-premises infrastructure to the cloud easy. It gave them the ability to lift and shift to a modern platform. With the right help, you can do the same. Contact Fidelitech to learn how we can help.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Customer story: Federation Internationale de Volleyball uses Dynamics 365 to digitally transform consumer marketing

When the Federation Internationale de Volleyball was looking to transform fans' interaction with the sport, they knew they needed to go beyond a simple social media or website overhaul. They decided to embrace a full platform shift with Dynamics 365 to transform and optimize user experience, both with their organization and the sport overall.

Customer story: City of Westminster College | What is voice?

For a student who is hard of hearing, it can be difficult to communicate in class. That's why Esam Baboukhan, the e-learning manager at the City of Westminster College (CWC), introduced Teams to facilitate the learning experience for every student, regardless of their ability to hear. Since then, Esam has seen improved student teamwork, especially with students that previously had to communicate through an interpreter. It's one way that the modern workplace has enabled students to collaborate at CWC.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

How You Work Together Is How You Win Together

Think communication within your team could be better? Location, connectivity, and infrastructure all play a part in how efficiently your team communicates. Fidelitech wants to help your team get the tools they need to communicate well. With Office 365, your employees can connect with the right people, share information across teams, and organize around projects so they can go further, faster. Contact Fidelitech and check out this article for more.


Build Intelligent Big Data and Analytics Apps

How do you optimize customer experiences, scale up with ease and unlock business insights from unstructured data--in real time? In this webinar, you'll learn from a Microsoft expert how to leverage big data with Microsoft Azure analytics to help transform business and drive customer loyalty, regardless of your industry. Let Fidelitech help set your business up for success today and for the future with Microsoft Azure.

5 Tips for Improving Collaboration

Inefficient collaboration tools are more than just annoying to employees, they can cost your business in wasted time and security breaches. In this e-book, you'll get tips on how to leverage Microsoft Office 365, a platform that blends solutions into a seamless user experience, to help your modern, mobile workforce share data easily and securely from anywhere. Fidelitech is here to help set up your teams working better together, so you can drive business with Office 365.

View: 5 Tips for Improving Collaboration

The New Culture of Work: Don't Get Left Behind

As digital transformation redefines the workplace, you might have teams collaborating across buildings, cities, and even countries. In the Forbes report, The New Culture of Work: Don't Get Left Behind, discover how you can get ahead of workforce trends to securely drive team productivity and foster creativity. Then let Fidelitech help you enable the next wave of collaboration with Microsoft Office 365.

View: The New Culture of Work: Don't Get Left Behind

Building Modern Cloud Apps

Infographic outlining proven strategies, techniques, and best practices, including data storage options and security for building modern cloud apps.

View: Building Modern Cloud Apps

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

7 Reasons to Use a Collaboration Suite

How much can your business benefit from collaborating with Microsoft Office 365? In the infographic, 7 reasons to Use a Collaboration Suite, you'll see in numbers how unified collaboration tools can help save your teams hours of time every week, streamline communication and drive business results. Let [$profile.organization]* help you set up Microsoft Office 365 so you can start reaping the benefits of modern collaboration.

View: 7 Reasons to Use a Collaboration Suite

Achieve More Together With Microsoft 365 Business

Now you can simplify IT, boost security and keep your mobile workforce collaborating with the latest from Windows 10 and Office 365--all with Microsoft 365 Business. This infographic lays out the benefits in numbers. Let Fidelitech help set up your growing workforce for success with Microsoft solutions.

View: Achieve More Together With Microsoft 365 Business

Family food business spices up operations, reduces new device implementation time by 50 percent

How does your business improve teamwork? Garner Foods integrates Office 365 so their employees and sales representatives all over the world have the tools they need to make the dream work. With Office 365 you can host online meetings with audio and video, screen sharing, and HD video conferencing. There's an unlimited amount of potential with Office 365, and Fidelitech wants to help you foster that same high level of teamwork. Contact us for more information and check out this video.

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Securely run and grow your business

Learn about the ways in which Microsoft 365 better protects your business against today's threats, while remaining cost effective and scalable.

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Monday, April 15, 2019

SQL Database Engine Blog: What is Azure SQL Database Managed Instance?

Curious about the new Azure SQL Database Managed Instance? This article covers specifics about the offering, including features, security, scalability, and architecture.


The Gorilla Guide to Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Implementation Strategies

This comprehensive guide takes readers through the considerations, challenges and steps of implementing a hyper converged infrastructure. For IT professionals with a basic knowledge of hyperconverged infrastructure, it offers implementation strategies and tips such as architecting the data center, addressing data center metrics pain points, ensuring data protection and others.

View: The Gorilla Guide to Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Implementation Strategies

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Big Data Architecture: Navigating the Complexity

The vast array of big data engines and cloud configurations can make adopting data analytics complicated. In the article "Big Data Architecture: Navigating the Complexity" you'll get 5 strategies for reducing duplication and fragmentation. Fidelitech can help you simplify processes with Microsoft Azure Analytics. Contact us for all the help you need to incorporate big data in your daily IT production, so you can start leveraging data insights to drive business affordably with Azure today.


The Future Of Work Is Creative Collaboration

Collaboration is key to business success in any industry. The Forbes article "The Future of Work is Creative Collaboration" explores four business benefits of a seamlessly connected workforce with members of We Work Labs and users of Microsoft Teams. You'll learn how you can drive team collaboration and creativity with the right working environment and digital tools. Then get started by contacting Fidelitech. We're here to help guide you to powerful solutions with Microsoft Office 365.


Empower Autonomous Teams To Accelerate Digital Delivery

All too often in business, there is a gap between strategy and execution. In this Forrester blog post, you'll learn how digital leaders can reduce that gap and drive faster time-to-market by empowering autonomous teams and delegating decisions to those closest to customers. Contact Fidelitech to find out how Microsoft Office 365 can help your teams collaborate and better serve your customers.


5 key areas to focus on while integrating cloud-based strategies

As moving to the cloud becomes less a matter of "if" and more a matter of "when" for most companies, the follow-up question is how best to go about doing so. This article identifies several key goals or opportunities companies will want to focus on as they enter into this process.


Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The True Cost of Free Email Service for Your Business

While free email services abound, they lack the business-grade services and high-level security that a growing enterprise requires. This e-book, The True Cost of Free Email Service for Your Business, details the premium email services that Microsoft Office 365 delivers. Exchange Online provides anywhere access to email across devices, backed by Microsoft's expertise and worldwide datacenter network. Contact Fidelitech to get started, and take your business to the next level.

View: The True Cost of Free Email Service for Your Business

Gaming studio learns what players want and delivers quickly with the cloud

Fluffy Fairy Games launched Idle Miner Tycoon in 2016 and they haven't stopped iterating and scaling since. Watch the video to see how they leverage Microsoft Azure analytics and PlayFab to keep up with the pace of millions of players--while reducing costs. No matter your industry, Fidelitech is here to help your organization get to market faster and win big with Azure.

G2A finds winning combination in Azure cloud and AI services

G2A is the world's fastest digital marketplace for gaming. See how they leverage Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure-delivered AI to collaborate securely and create safe, user-friendly transactions for millions of buyers and sellers--all while reducing costs. Contact Fidelitech to find out how Office 365 and Azure can help your organization win big, too.

SLAM gets connected with Office 365

One of the largest providers of mental health services in the UK, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLAM), was working on an outdated platform that hindered productivity. See how migrating to Microsoft Office 365 in the Azure cloud allows clinicians to collaborate from anywhere, reduce administration time, and focus more on patient care. Contact Fidelitech to find out how you can drive seamless communication and sharing of data in your organization with Office 365.

Guarding Against Email Attacks

Infographic depicting how advanced security from Office 365 can be your best defense against an army of email virus strikes.

View: Guarding Against Email Attacks

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Customer Story: Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is ensuring they have the tools necessary to stay at the forefront of innovation by keeping their entire company connected and secure through Microsoft 365.


WS + SQL 2008 Extended Security Updates FAQ

As the end of support for Windows Server SQL Server 2008/2008 R2 approaches, questions will undoubtedly arise, especially relating to the Extended Security Updates offered by Microsoft. This document is here to answer those questions.

View: WS + SQL 2008 Extended Security Updates FAQ

Secure Predictive Analytics in the Cloud

This white paper gives prospective or existing users of HPE storage information about how data is collected and secured by HPE InfoSight. It assumes a basic understanding of HPE InfoSight.

View: Secure Predictive Analytics in the Cloud

Discover the benefits of modernization and save with Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

Why move your on-premises SQL Server to the Azure cloud? Check out this infographic to learn about the savings and latest technological benefits of switching to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.

View: Discover the benefits of modernization and save with Azure SQL Database Managed Instance

Customer Story: SitePro - part 4

SitePro is harnessing the power of technology through the IoT and cloud capabilities to help their customers create safer, more efficient work environments.

Monday, April 8, 2019

Looking Beyond the Hype: The Practical Side of AI in the Data Center

This blog from the professional association AFCOM (Advancing Data Center and IT Infrastructure Professionals), addresses the factors driving the growth of AI in the data center and various use cases -- including security.


Friday, April 5, 2019

Three reasons why Windows Server and SQL Server customers continue to choose Azure

For the past 25 years, companies of every size have trusted Windows Server and SQL Server to run their business-critical workloads. In fact, more than 70 percent of on-premises server workloads today run on Windows Server.


What is a composable infrastructure?

There are a lot of benefits of having a composable infrastructure. Resources can be reconfigured to make up the infrastructure environment each workload needs. A developer can request VMs with any combination of compute, network, and storage capacity. At Fidelitech, we can help you create and optimize the infrastructure you need to achieve more. Contact us today to learn more about your different infrastructure options and how we can help you implement them.


Thursday, April 4, 2019

FP&A Trends for 2019: The Year of Digital Finance Transformation

It looks like data management will continue to be critical for businesses. To produce the best results, cloud-based platforms are playing a bigger role to provide more agile and accurate forecasts. At Fidelitech, we want you to have the right set of business applications to prepare and analyze your company finances and operations. With our industry experts, we can help you transform business processes with the right tools. Contact us today to learn more.


3 ways online collaboration tools can boost company productivity

Online collaboration tools help employees with prioritization, decrease travel expenses, and improve work-life balance. But the biggest benefit is the increase to productivity. With extensive online collaboration tools, you can host webinars, engage with customers easily, and more. At Fidelitech, we specialize in helping businesses implement online productivity solutions and modernize their IT strategy. Contact us today to find out how we can help.


How to Collaborate Without Burning Out

Faster innovation and technology that enables 24/7 communication n on any device has driven an unprecedented demand for employee collaboration. In this article, you'll learn from thought leaders about the phenomenon collaborative overload and how businesses can use tools to enable efficient collaboration while cultivating a culture that will empower employees to set boundaries that will ultimately combat burnout and drive greater productivity long-term. Contact Fidelitech to let us help you set up Microsoft Office 365 so you can help your teams work together more efficiently.


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Weathering the Aftermath of Hurricane Irma with Skype for Business

Kelly Roofing in Florida normally fields about 150 calls for estimates per week, but the week after Hurricane Irma, it fielded 26,000. They used Skype for Business to manage this influx of requests and ramp up their onboarding of new employees to meet the needs of their community. Watch this video and contact us to find out how Microsoft Office 365 can help you bring teams together and best serve your customers.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Boys & Girls Clubs of America--A Digital Transformation

Boys & Girls Clubs of America underwent a digital transformation that's making a positive impact across the nation. To extend the organization's reach, they created a youth-facing platform with 125 learning activities, powered by Microsoft Dynamics, hosted by Microsoft Azure, and supported by Microsoft Office 365. Contact us to find out how we can help you transform your organization with Microsoft Office 365 enterprise solutions.

Next Games Powers Global Augmented Reality Game in Azure

When Next Games was developing the global, augmented reality game, The Walking Dead: No Man's Land, they needed a back end just as powerful and exciting. With scalable managed services and the ability to process massive amounts of geo-dispersed data, it was Microsoft Azure for the win.

A Paperless Way of Working Dawns for Czech Water Engineering Services Leader

PAVELKA-VTP is a Czech family water engineering firm that found itself still working in paper operations despite 20 years of rapid growth. In the video, you'll learn how they were able to leverage Microsoft Dynamics and Office 365 to empower their highly-mobile engineer force with all of the data and solutions to complete a job on their mobile devices anywhere. After you watch the video, contact Fidelitech so we can help you drive collaboration and productivity among your workforce with Office 365.

SMB security: infographic

This infographic outlines common security breach scenarios caused by human error and the ways in which Microsoft 365 is addressing these problems through built-in security protocols.

View: SMB security: infographic

Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Dummies

Hyperconvergence is at the center of the trends impacting enterprise IT. A data center architecture that embraces cloud principles and economics to improve security, efficiency, TCO and agility, hyperconvergence is the wave of the future. This short book explores the trends leading modern IT organizations to hyperconverged infrastructure and the technical and business benefits that come along with it.

View: Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Dummies

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Intelligent Storage for the Enterprise with AI and HPE Infosight

Predictive all-flash storage from HPE is smart enough to eliminate issues before they're even known. This video shows how HPE InfoSight and AI driven operations improve efficiency by creating smarter, easy-to-manage infrastructures.

Customer Story: SitePro - part 3

This week, delve deeper into the multiple service offerings from Azure that allow SitePro to run their entire turnkey application from this single platform.

8 Reasons: Why customers are choosing HPE SimpliVity

This video highlights testimonials from 8 HPE customers in different industries, speaking about the variety of ways they use and benefit from the SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure.

2019 Technology Industry Outlook

In the 2019 Technology Industry Outlook report, Deloitte's Paul Sallomi -- global technology, media, and telecommunications industry leader and US global technology sector leader -- looks at the importance of cloud computing and flexible consumption to business competitiveness. The report reveals findings showing that by taking advantage of cloud platforms with powerful AI capabilities, companies can drive growth by optimizing experimentation, democratizing innovation, improving agility and accelerating digital transformation.

View: 2019 Technology Industry Outlook

Customer story: M-Files

M-Files, an enterprise content management vendor, is in the process of shifting their data and workloads to the cloud. To help them achieve their goals and migrate as seamlessly as possible, M-Files chose Azure. At Fidelitech, we want to help you migrate to the cloud quickly and efficiently so you can achieve more. Contact us to learn more.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Customer story: Chemonics

Chemonics is an international development firm operating in 80 countries around the world. Since they conduct business in multiple languages, tracking the 120 projects they're working on can get complicated. That's why they use Dynamics 365 to help manage the talent that they need for each project. At Fidelitech, we can help you find and implement the solutions that will bring agility and accelerate transformation within your organization.

Customer story: AIA Group

As markets evolve, it's important to present new ways for employees to collaborate and communicate. That's why AIA made investments in productivity tools to improve the way their employees work together and serve their customers. At Fidelitech, we know how important your employees' tools are. That's why we want to help you upgrade your assets with the latest modern desktop solutions on the market. Contact us today to learn how we can help.