Monday, August 17, 2020

Bringing it all together for a small office deployment

This blog highlights the benefits of HPE Small Office Deployments as a complete, validated solution that brings together all the IT components needed for a small, remote or branch office and eliminate the need to select and cobble together multiple solutions.


HPE SMB Solutions for Small Office Deployment with Windows Server 2019

In this video on HPE SMB Solutions for Small Office Deployment, Beau Steinhauer walks through the benefits of this proven solution to help small businesses select, validate and configure IT with ease. Watch the video for an overview of components including HPE ProLiant Servers, Windows Server 2019, and Aruba Networking.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Empowering remote work with Microsoft Teams

In this infographic, discover suggestions to empower remote employees as they use Teams to embrace online communication, stay focused, share content, and stay connected.

View: Empowering remote work with Microsoft Teams

Breakthrough teamwork tools: 4 tips to identify what works for you

This eBook is for customers who are ready to achieve even more with their successful teams. Collaboration and easy communication are increasingly important—especially as more people are working from home. In this eBook, you can take a deep dive and read how to use teamwork tools like Microsoft Teams to empower your employees to do even more. Chapters cover communicating without effort, being more productive through better integration, customizing features, and working with confidence.

View: Breakthrough teamwork tools: 4 tips to identify what works for you

Entry Level Small Servers

This video compares the simplicity of HPE Small Office Deployment Solutions with the ease of ordering food for take out. Watch for a quick but detailed look at HPE Entry Level Small Servers and the specific technology involved in the servers.

5 Ways to Be More Efficient While Working From Home

This article from Entrepreneur, highlights five ways remote workers can be more efficient at home. Tips to optimize time away from the office include establishing a routine, determining priorities, eliminating distractions, and more.