Monday, January 30, 2023

Azure and Dynamics 365 Scenarios

Dynamics 365 is a suite of modern commerce solutions that work together to connect your entire business. This blog outlines the Dynamics 365 applications you can use to address a variety of business needs. Scan the list and watch the short video embedded to see how Dynamics 365 helps you streamline business operations, enhance inventory management and optimize order fulfillment.


Free Phishing Security Training Consultation

Prevent data theft. Book your free Phishing Security Training Consultation today. #cybersecurity #Phishing @Microsoft

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Vulnerability Assessment Survey

The security operations maturity self- assessment helps you evaluate how prepared your security operations team is to detect, respond and recover from cyber-attacks. Use this tool to determine the stage in security maturity model you've reached and get recommendations for processes and tooling that can increase preparedness.


From data silos to holistic, analytical sales management and data-driven customer service: Power equipment manufacturer STIHL relies on Dynamics 365 in sales, marketing and service

ANDREAS STIHL AG & CO KG is a long-established company in Germany that recently expanded its portfolio to include digital products and solutions such as robotic mowers and a connected platform. It relies on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service to meet constantly evolving market demands with decentralized sales and service processes. Get the story on how Dynamics 365 helps STIHL deliver consistent, authentic experiences across all touchpoints.


Monday, January 23, 2023

Social Message with Infographic

Give your security staff the right tools and intelligence with @Microsoft's Sentinel and 365 Defender. Reply to discuss how we can help.

Azure Virtual Desktop Essentials

Meet Microsoft's cloud VDI solution with centralized security, management and scalability built in. It's an efficient and flexible approach to desktop virtualization without compromising control. Watch this demo video for an introduction and full tour of Azure Virtual Desktop Essentials including what it is, how it works and options for configuration.

Test your team's security readiness with the Gone Phishing Tournament

Eighty-two percent of breaches include employee mistakes, such as falling victim to a phishing scam. Phishing is the cheapest and most reliable way for an attacker to get a foot in the door of an organization. Explore Microsoft's and Terranova Security's Gone Phishing Tournament to test your company's behaviors using real-world simulations.


Microsoft Secures Azure Enclaves with Hardware Guards

Microsoft is putting hardware in charge of data protection in Azure to help customers feel confident about sharing data with authorized parties within the cloud environment. This blog provides an overview of a series of hardware security announcements to highlight Azure's confidential computing offerings. Read the blog to learn how advances in Azure confidential computing deliver the ultimate in data protection.


Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Free Virtual Desktop Consultation

Try before you buy is always good advice. That's why you should take advantage of a free consultation with one of our experts on Azure Virtual Desktop and how it can help you create a secure, flexible and adaptive hybrid cloud environment. Sign up for the Free Azure Virtual Desktop consultation today.

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Monday, January 16, 2023

Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Together with the open standards community, customers and partners, Microsoft is helping create a decentralized identity system designed for security, privacy and inclusivity. Read the datasheet for additional information on the features and benefits of Microsoft Entra Verified ID.,

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How can we help you be more proactive about identity & access management? Reply if you'd like one of our experts to reach out to discuss your goals and the solutions we offer to address them — including @Microsoft Entra.

How can we help you be more proactive about identity & access management? Reply if you'd like one of our experts to reach out to discuss your goals and the solutions we offer to address them — including @Microsoft Entra.

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop is a desktop and app virtualization service that runs in the cloud. A 2-minute read, this article shows 6 tasks you can do when you run Azure Virtual Desktop on Azure. Read the blog for a walkthrough.


Monday, January 9, 2023

IT Management Process & Infrastructure Review

Management inefficiencies contribute in a big way to unforeseen costs. Fidelitech Solutions Inc. can help you minimize costs and maximize efficiency. Receive a free IT Management Process & Infrastructure Review when you schedule direct.

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Announcing General Availability of Scheduled Agent Updates on Azure Virtual Desktop

Read the Microsoft blog to learn about a feature that gives IT admins control over when the Azure Virtual Desktop agent, side-by-side stack and Geneva Monitoring agent get updated.


Simplify IT Management

This infographic illustrates how with Azure Virtual Desktop, IT teams can focus more on users, apps and OS images instead of hardware inventory and maintenance.

Monday, January 2, 2023

It's Time to Create a Modern Digital Workspace Experience

Is your organization's IT approach to desktop and app management ready for digital transformation? Download this Microsoft eBook to learn how to strike the perfect balance between user experience, security and IT overhead.

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VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Delivering a secure remote work platform that increases user productivity and remains cost effective isn't an easy task. Read the datasheet to learn how VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure is enabling remote work from the cloud quickly and securely.

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Free Cloud Adoption Assessment

What are your digital workspace options? Meet with a Microsoft Azure expert to discuss.

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