Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Great New Features to Protect your Smart Phone!


Most of us overlook the fact that our phones are no longer simple devices used for making phone calls.  When in reality they are handheld supercomputers that can do almost everything we need from paying bills, creating and editing videos, and much more.

The more capable our mobile handheld devices become the more risks they are facing.  They are susceptible to the same security risks that any other computer would face.  Worse yet, they often contain personal information and are often a higher risk for identity theft than our computers are.

Both Apple and Google have released some new Security Features to help protect our handheld devices.  Apple rolled out Advanced Data Protection and Google rolled out Google Play Protect.

Learn more about these new features and how to protect your Smart Phone and other handheld devices by reading our latest blog post. https://www.fidelitech.net/2024/02/13/new-security-features-to-protect-your-phone-in-2024/ The link for the blog post is also in the comments.

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